Clearly this is nuts

It’s hard to add anything to this:

The Sioux Falls Canaries and Dakota Provisions are teaming up this summer to bring Fowl Balls to concession stands at the Birdcage. The venture makes Sioux Falls Stadium the first sports venue in the country to offer their fans a chance to enjoy turkey testicles.

Fat chance, say I. Says Rocket Jones:

The local poultry processor has some 32,000 extra Tom-bits left over at the end of each day, and someone became a marketing legend by convincing folks who should know better that nothing says baseball quite like a piping hot basket of Fowl Balls.

It would take an awful lot of Cracker Jack® and brewskis to wash that down.


  1. fillyjonk »

    5 May 2008 · 7:19 am

    I guess I wasn’t even aware that that part was large enough to be worth cooking and consuming. (Not that *I* would. The reproductive organs of animals are just one thing on my long list of “things I won’t eat.”)

    Not that I’ve spent much time around poultry, but I thought the anatomies were different…are the “bits” on the inside on a tom turkey or what?

    Or is it possible that some legs somewhere are being pulled?

  2. CGHill »

    5 May 2008 · 7:37 am

    I’ve considered that latter possibility. I’ve also sworn off popcorn chicken for the duration, lest I find out something else I didn’t want to know.

  3. fillyjonk »

    5 May 2008 · 7:52 am

    I always figured popcorn chicken was what they did with pieces of otherwise-OK meat that got cut off during the various processing steps. Or it was how they dealt with meat that had purely cosmetic blemishes – cut them off, and cut the rest up into tiny pieces.

    Then again, it’s something else I don’t eat, but this time because of the fat content rather than the ick factor.

  4. McGehee »

    5 May 2008 · 10:13 am

    The reproductive organs of animals are just one thing on my long list of “things I won’t eat.”

    If you ever want to freak out a vegetarian, go into meticulous detail about what fruits and nuts are…

  5. McGehee »

    5 May 2008 · 10:14 am

    …or for that matter, I believe broccoli and cauliflower are even more technically within the category in question.

  6. Dan B »

    5 May 2008 · 1:19 pm

    I wouldn’t have thought turkey gonads would be worth the effort to get them, sifting thru all those thigh bones just to get a scrap of meat smaller than a thumb.

  7. Guy S »

    5 May 2008 · 10:04 pm

    “Heeeeeyyyyy little leaguers. don’t try eating this at home!! {/H Carey}

    Seriously, we have had a “Turkey Testicle Festival” ™ out here in Byron, for years. And yes, mass quantities of beer helps!!

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