Don’t even call it French

I don’t do a lot of grocery shopping at Target, mostly because the Target nearest to me is a couple of rungs short of Super-hood and therefore lacks a lot of grocery-store essentials, but I did have that 10-percent-off card, so while I was picking up stuff like furnace filters at a Target of greater Superness, I poked through the food aisles and turned up a curiosity: “New York Vanilla” ice cream, under their Market Pantry house brand.

One has to assume, given the price of real vanilla, that the flavoring is largely synthetic, but it’s a darn good synthetic. The yellowish color hints at the presence of eggs, which I am given to understand are an essential component of true New York Vanilla, but if they’re on the ingredient panel, they’re concealed behind something science-y. Target HQ being in Minnesota, maybe this is New York Mills Vanilla. It’s still pretty good.


  1. McGehee »

    6 May 2008 · 9:35 am

    Hmm. I knew eggs were legally required for “french” vanilla, but was ist das “New York” vanilla? Something new from before the ascension of M. Sarkozy?

  2. fillyjonk »

    6 May 2008 · 10:13 am

    I believe it’s an old-recipe connection. I’ve seen (in my Settlement Cook Book) recipes for both “New York” and “Philadelphia” ice creams.

    I can’t tell you the difference between them though – as I don’t own an ice cream maker (and decided that buying one would be too much of a slippery slope for a low-metabolic-rate gal like me), I didn’t expend the neurons on memorizing the differences.

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