Chanel No. 1911

Okay, it doesn’t look that much like a 1911, but Karl Lagerfeld, who designed this thing for Chanel, named it for Miami Vice and debuted it on South Beach, is presumably more concerned with long legs than with small arms. I suppose this makes more sense than, say, Rose McGowan having an M4 Carbine for a prosthetic leg, but not much more: the number of women I know who might actually be tempted to wear this can be counted on the fingers of no hands, even if Chanel were giving them away, which they aren’t. The Manolo observes:

Chanel Miami Vice shoe by Karl Lagerfeld

Normally, the Manolo would be tempted to read some greater societal message into the appearance of such overtly gangsta bling shoes on the runway, but it is clear from everything the Manolo has read that they are here only because his Malignant Karlness thought they were cool.

And if you had a real gun in your shoe, a lot of people, not just fashionistas, would find themselves making a mad dash for, you should pardon the expression, the powder room.

Addendum: Well, somebody liked them.


  1. Fetiche Nouvelle »

    22 May 2008 · 7:16 pm


    What is wrong with that man?

  2. CGHill »

    22 May 2008 · 7:35 pm

    He’s apparently emotionally wedded to the notion that for something to qualify as high fashion, it must be at least 90 degrees out of phase with the real world.

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