Strange search-engine queries (35)

Which means we’re approaching four hundred of these odd requests from Actual Searchers Worldwide. Perhaps they found what they wanted, or perhaps not.

difference between Traditional newspaper versus craigslist:  You can’t get a puppy to go on craigslist.

100 ways to look stupid:  I claim expertise in only 70 or so.

how to empty a checking account:  Writing lots of checks has always worked for me.

gummi aprons sex:  I can’t help but think this was an attempt at a Googlewhack; these three words have seemingly nothing in common.

take my yolk:  Please. (So saith Humpty Youngman.)

rejected otter pop flavors:  “Manatee” was turned down out of hand; they never could get “Beaver” to come out right.

why am i so normal:  All your perversities average out.

hate good looking men:  Perhaps there’s a chance for me after all.

condom mnemonic devices:  You might try tying a knot in one end.

why do redheads have attitude?  Who’s gonna tell them they can’t? Not me.

on the streets of pittsburgh pennsylvania then again maybe not:  “How do you get error messages from Mapquest?”

minot state fair north dakota keith urban kicks canadians out before he sings:  Maybe they scare Nicole?

suppository ass:  You certainly wouldn’t to chew one.

Whataburger Walter Cronkite:  “And that’s the way I ordered it, Monday, October second, two thousand six.”

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