A buck here, a buck there

The second domain I got was windowphobe.com, which I used for stuff that really didn’t fit in here. Given the sheer volume of stuff that really didn’t fit in here that’s here nonetheless, the site would seem to be superfluous, and maybe it is.

What was really unnecessary, though, was the long-term hosting package I’d bought for it, which was running around $100 a year. Inasmuch as I have four other domains (and a fifth, set up for a friend) running elsewhere, which cost me in aggregate around $90 a year, the old site had to go, or at least move. So part of this weekend’s activity involved copying a few hundred files to a new location and then twiddling the nameservers to point there. (I left the domain registration where it was, since it’s paid through 2010 and it’s not Network Solutions.) Took about twenty minutes to make all the changes, and a day or two for the DNS changes to propagate.

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