It’s in subsection B9 of your lease

British TV chef Jamie Oliver has been on a crusade to encourage healthier eating by children. And he’s being heard: last year Her Majesty’s Government agreed to put up £280 million toward the improvement of school meals.

Friday night Oliver appeared on Jonathan Ross’s talk show on BBC One, and Ross suggested, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, that maybe people who live in council estates ought to refrain from spawning:

“Do you think we should put something in the water supply, stop some people having children in the future?” the presenter asked chef Jamie Oliver.

After the star made the comment, Oliver asked: “What, you mean like lead?”

The BBC reported 61 complaints about the Ross remark.

This idea does not strike me as feasible. If people in council housing need lead, there’s always a paint chip or two nearby, and it wouldn’t achieve the desired results anyway. And I don’t think it would fly Stateside, either: while the minions of the Nanny State are generally happy to impose goofy rules, most of them would consider it beyond the pale even to suggest that public-housing tenants — or, indeed, anybody — ought to screw less. Not even Bloomberg would go that far.


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  1. Winston »

    3 October 2006 · 4:51 am

    Seems to me that lead in the water supply would have the opposite effect. After all, spawning does normally require one to have lead in one’s pencil.

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