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Rep. Shane Jett (R-Tecumseh) is promoting something called the Energy Tower, which is supposed to be iconic in the manner of the Gateway Arch or the Space Needle or the freaking Eiffel Tower, fercryingoutloud. Here’s his pitch:

Brief flashback to World Tour ’05, while I was in another place with oil-patch credentials:

[T]his is the fabled Oil Region of Pennsylvania — you don’t see people putting Utahzoil or Magnolia State in their engines, do you? — which draws about 50,000 annually to the Oil Heritage Festival. It occurs to me that Oklahoma is far too embarrassed about its own oil patch, that we’d like to think we’re so over that.

I still believe that, but I don’t think the answer to that embarrassment is to shell out $100 million to build the world’s tallest Purple Martin house.

(Via Brad Neese, who wonders how it would hold up in an Oklahoma storm.)

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  1. fillyjonk »

    31 May 2008 · 10:56 am

    $100 million for a giant oil derrick? Why? Because our roads and bridges are in SUCH GOOD CONDITION that our legislators can’t imagine spending the money on anything else?

    “Because you want tourists to go, ‘And you know? It’s taller than the Eiffel Tower!'”

    Funny, I’m not sure that would be the first thing that would come into my head.

    (I suppose someone else other than the state’s taxpayers could be funding this, but if so, I didn’t hear any mention in the little newsclip)

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