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The Car and Driver annual 10Best issue always comes up with something a tad askew, and this past year’s version came up with a photo of Nicole Nason, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which they captioned: RILF ALERT. I thought this was a bit over the top, and said so here; what’s more, it earned C/D the seldom-coveted 2008 Chaz Award for Worst Automotive Remark.

The magazine published a couple of complaints in its letters section, and those complaints have now drawn their own complaints, one of which went like this:

I happen to know that women, all women (although some won’t admit it), aspire to MILF, GILF, RILF, and any other type of “ILF” designation there is. They brag about it to each other at their bunco parties. It is one of the highest compliments we can give them, and who among us doesn’t want to be desirable?

If I remember Philosophy 102 correctly, a single (that is to say, one) counterexample is enough to dispatch that “all” business. My understanding of women is somewhere between marginal and nonexistent, and I’ve never been invited to a bunco party, but I suspect they won’t buy this bit either:

The women who claim we’re “objectifying” them usually aren’t ILF material.

At least this time he said “usually.”

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  1. fillyjonk »

    2 June 2008 · 7:15 am

    Yes, but….I would argue that there’s a difference between the pleasure of being thought “desirable” and basically being seen as a living version of a blow-up doll.

    The more I hear stories like this, the less I wonder at the fact that I don’t “date” any more.

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