Strange search-engine queries (122)

Another week, another set of referrer-log droppings. After a while you get used to it.

ingenuity+persuasion=me:   Is this a profile from one of those dating sites?

pictures of condoleezza rice getting pedicure:  Sorry, can’t help you. Have you asked Scott McClellan?

jobs not enough to live on:  Which, these days, seems like most of them.

sharon resultan fake sex fantasy:  This must be the one where Jim Cantore shows up in a trenchcoat with no pants.

what smells attract men:  Beer, women, and more beer.

girl tries on invisible clothes:  At least they won’t make her butt look big.

women who change into animals and furniture in evil magical latex clothes:  After all that, merely invisible seems easy.

“average number of dates per month”:  Some of us are averaging around zero.

“electric chair” “rectum”:  Well, first it shocked ’em.

How Much Money Will It Cost to Drill in Alaska:  Lots. How much will it cost if we don’t?

osha determined that one third of the falls incurred by women are due to wearing high heels, which make falls more likely:  And summers more entertaining.

cox can’t watch wheel of fortune in HD:  This is because the HDTV upconversion process makes the wheel into an ellipse, which is much harder to turn.

jeffrey dahmer’s toyota celica:  Do yourself a favor and don’t look in the cupholder.

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