Must be stimulating

The Treasury’s “economic stimulus” becomes a finder’s fee:

Why I am doing this? I’ve tried the ‘tried-and-true-ways’ to meet someone and figured I’d network and offer a financial incentive for people to refer their female friends to me.

How does this work? Well, just mail me a note about your friend/relative with a link to their picture (or their myspace page) and I’ll do the rest. Or you can invite me to have coffee (preferably in L.A., although I will be in SF May 10-12) with the two of you. If I date your friend for at least 6 months, the $600 is yours.

Wanna contact me directly and date me yourself? After 6 months, the $600 GOES TO A CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE.

Why $600? The IRS is giving out $600 Economic Stimulus Payments — I’m rolling mine into a Romantic Stimulus Payment.

What’s this guy like, anyway?

Almost 38 y.o. (looks 27), 5’7, Jewish (non-practicing), has a Tom Cruise+Jason Schwartzman-ish look, trim, business owner, very creative, very funny, college grad, East Coast-y, well-dressed, well-read, reasonably neat, into film, comedy, cooking and baking, good stories, obscure rock bands, photography, books, L.A. resident looking for a LTR.

Picture at that same link. Here’s whom he hopes to find:

Female (20’s-40’s), any height, any religion, non-smoker, LA or SF area resident (or willing to visit often/consider relocating), indoorsy (i.e. museums as opposed to mountains), warm, affectionate, an Abby to my Ira (hey, I just rented it). Someone who likes guys like me.

I’ve seen worse ideas. In fact, I’ve had worse ideas, on those rare occasions when I had ideas at all.

(Seen at The Tygrrrr Express.)

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