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Okay, I knew Andrew Rice was running for Senate, but he’s a Democrat, and the unwritten law among Republicans has been “You don’t mess around with Jim.”

Well, Jim is being messed around with: on the first day of filing, Senator Inhofe drew two Republican challengers. As a practical matter, neither Baptist minister Dennis Lopez, from the metropolis of Thackerville, nor frequent filer Evelyn Rogers, a Tulsa librarian, is likely to make much of a tug on Inhofe’s cape. Still, the fact that he’s getting GOP challengers at all is somewhat heartening.

Elsewhere: Dana Orwig, who ran against incumbent Trebor Worthen last time in House District 87, is trying again, what with Worthen deciding not to seek a third term. She’ll face Jason Nelson, a political consultant who served as legislative liaison during Frank Keating’s second term as governor. If you’re new here, I bring up District 87 because I live there.

And for District 84 watchers, Ron Marlett made it official: he is running against Sally Kern. (Aside: I had no idea Sally Kern had a Wikipedia page.)

The State Board of Elections is posting candidate filings here; the filing period ends Wednesday.

Update, Wednesday: A second Republican has entered the District 87 race. Andrew Winningham is twenty-four, which makes him even younger than Worthen, and he was last seen at a Ron Paul meetup. And Winningham isn’t even close to being the youngest person on this year’s primary ballot.


  1. Ron »

    3 June 2008 · 4:45 pm

    Hey neighbor I was glad to see Trebor move on to a cush consultant job over at that oxymoronically named “think tank” .. LOL! I hope Dana gives Jason a good run in our district; it would be nice to see money and entrenched politics go away in Dist 87. Best to ya man!

  2. paulsmos »

    3 June 2008 · 10:35 pm

    Marlett came abounding by my door the other day…he spews the usual liberal crap about tolerance and hate speech when it comes to our sodomite brothers…what a cheese-dick!

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