Canadian Calvinball

Andrew Coyne is liveblogging for Maclean’s at their trial in Marsupial Court before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, and this item (1:36 pm Monday) seems to sum up the whole sordid affair:

The chair is reading their “ruling” on the admissibility of Prof. John Miller’s testimony — though on what basis they propose to decide is a mystery, since THERE ARE NO RULES OF EVIDENCE. They more or less have to make it up as they go along.

Anyway, they are ruling it inadmissible, because it’s irrelevant. Or is it irrelevant because it’s inadmissible?

Pertinent observation by Ezra Levant: “[Al] Sharpton would make a killing up here.”

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  1. Adam »

    3 June 2008 · 9:58 am

    My guess is they’re making their ruling on the basis of all the Law & Order and CSI episodes they’ve been watching.

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