We’ve got some angry renters

Here’s one:

I don’t mind lack of tax deductions for rent as much as I mind paying for other people (and the huge payouts to La Raza in this bill make me wonder about just who these people are…) to live large beyond their means while I live in a couple of shabby rooms in a newly crime-ridden neighborhood waiting for my credit score to improve.

If you know the government is going to pay your mortgage to keep you in your home, why bother to make a single payment? Why am I not posting this from a Colonial with a three-car garage in Cedarburg??

And another:

I guess it boils down to this — if a group, no matter how small a fraction of the population screams loud enough or makes a good enough victim, it seems our government is more than happy to pander to them. And this isn’t a partisan issue either — it happens recklessly and frequently on all sides of the political spectrum and personally, I think it boils down to buying votes. Which in a word, sucks.

I think we may have a 14th Amendment issue here: obviously they’re paying more for some votes than for others, which would seem to violate the equal-protection clause.

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  1. writer chick »

    4 June 2008 · 3:34 pm

    Hey CG,
    Thanks for the ping and yeah, there’s plenty of us out here, pissed off. Amen.

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