We really didn’t mean it

A soon-to-be-former Reno resident says goodbye to her old home town:

Over the years since my conception, I have watched you turn into a large homogenized blend of big-box stores and suburban neighborhoods mixed together. I have watched downtown slowly lose its “Reno” essence that I have grown to know and love, to make way for the yuppies and their grandiose condominiums.

This letter appeared in the Reno Gazette-Journal last Tuesday; in the print edition, though not in the online copy, it was followed by an “Editor’s Note”: “Good riddance.”

The next day, the inevitable apology appeared.

In days of yore, it wouldn’t have been so inevitable. From yours truly, a couple of summers ago:

This reminds me of an incident twenty-odd years ago in which Car and Driver ran a column which castigated the legal profession for various offenses against motoring enthusiasts. An attorney wrote in to cancel his subscription in protest; the magazine printed his letter, along with the following response:

“Perhaps you’d be interested in subscribing to our sister publication Ambulance and Chaser.

All by itself, that was worth a three-year renewal.

(Courtesy of Romenesko, by way of Fark.)

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  1. Tam »

    4 October 2006 · 7:36 am

    Ah, the C/D letters column; my favorite in the publishing business.

    Best ever was the letter from a reader in New Jersey that went:

    “Praise the Lord
    And pass the subscription.
    Finally an issue
    Sans a Porsche description”

    The response?

    We thank you for writing
    To express your elation
    We value our readers
    In the armpit of the nation.


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