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Remember all those Massachusetts teenagers who vowed to get pregnant and raise their babies together? Less there than meets the eye:

Alarmed, the mayor of the town pressed the principal for details. According to the mayor, the principal’s memory was foggy when he was pressed for details. He couldn’t remember how he heard about the pact.

Now, the principal has issued a statement challenging the mayor’s claims about his shaky memory.

Subsequently, one of the pregnant students told Good Morning America that was no pact to get pregnant. The 17-year-old mother-to-be said that a bunch of girls who were already expecting decided that they would help each other raise their babies while staying in school. Somehow, the rumor mill twisted this benign self-help arrangement into a bizarre reproductive conspiracy.

The pregnancy pact story had the ring of an urban legend from the very beginning. The reporter and the public were way too eager to believe that wanton females besotted by Juno were getting pregnant to take advantage of their high school’s inclusive policies for teen moms. This wasn’t journalism, it was a bad morality play. Now the shoddy story is finally unraveling. Unfortunately, the rumor has spread so widely that it will take a lot of debunking to strip the fable of its aura of truthiness.

I’ll be in my debunk.

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