Remind me to work on my accent

I’ve never been to the Marshall County (Tennessee) Memorial Library, but I’m willing to bet that they’ve got some books on the shelves (in the 400s if they use Dewey Decimal) in rather a lot of languages besides English.

God forbid the locals should find out:

Library leaders in one Mid-State community … heard a message loud and clear for its residents Tuesday: they don’t want one penny of their tax dollars paying for books not in English.

Some residents in Lewisburg are angry with the Marshall County Memorial Library for having books in Spanish. Among them, Lewisburg resident and eighth-grade social studies teacher Robin Minor. He said if somebody comes to check out a book, that book should be in English saying, “It should not be paid for by the taxpayer’s money of Marshall County. I do think we have a lot of county commissioners that will be interested and again. If it’s one penny, it’s one penny too much.”

Minor, who teaches at Lewisburg Middle School, along with a few other residents, spoke out at the Marshall County Memorial Library’s Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday night. “I would like to see a policy that if somebody’s going to donate a book to this library where English has been the dominant language since 1836, let’s make those books be donated in English only.”

I am sorely tempted to go buy a non-English book and have it delivered to the library (310 Farmington Pike, Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091) just out of spite. The Annoyed Librarian might approve:

I really just don’t understand this American resistance to languages other than English and the accompanying library challenges. And don’t give me that argument about we’re just trying to fight off the illegal immigrants, etc. That seems to be just the latest excuse to justify the notorious American ignorance of foreign languages and cultures. Being in favor of English as the official language of the United States, which in fact I am, has nothing to do with believing that English is the only language anyone should know. At least the Lewisburg librarians are fighting off the rubes.

Maybe a novel by Gabriel García Márquez. That ought to shake them up a tad.


  1. Dan »

    5 October 2006 · 5:03 pm

    I have some Spanish poetry that would curl their hair. (If they could read it) I will be glad to contribute one or more Spanish-language books if you decide to send them. What about a bible? I wonder if they’d accept a Spanish-language Bible. Or French? Or Romanian?

  2. Dan and Angi have something to say »

    5 October 2006 · 5:36 pm


    En honra de los mensos en el departmento de Marshall en Tennessee, les escribo mi primer asiento en el lenguaje español. Algunos ciudadanos en este departmento han decidido proclamar al mundo que el esteriotipo de los estadounidenses como…

  3. Andrea Harris »

    6 October 2006 · 5:53 am

    I can think of a lot of books in English that tax dollars shouldn’t be spent on.

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