Trust me, I blog

Not such a great idea, notes Mister Snitch:

We should also put a stake in the heart of bloggers being ‘more honest’ than commercial writers. That was a nice warm fuzzy comforting blanket for the first wave of bloggers, but it just ain’t so. There’s actually nothing inherent in blogging that dictates it will attract more honest citizens than other forms of written expression. There are honest bloggers, and dishonest bloggers. No one is without agenda, and as with most human endeavors, it’s the crusaders and reforms you really have to watch out for. They’ll get you whether they’re leading a church, ‘saving’ you from dishonest politicos, or writing a blog. Ultimately, you’ll have to make up your own damn mind about where the truth lies.

Reminder: “Reform” and “deform” are even closer to each other than they look.

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