Strange search-engine queries (135)

I started doing this about three years ago, and it proved to be relatively popular among the readership, by which is meant that not one of them has commanded me to cut it out or face the Wrath of [insert name of presumably wrathful entity]. Besides, as the DJ used to say, the hits just keep on comin’.

strength through repetition:  Like I said, I started doing this about three years ago.

pics glittering elegant crossdressers:  Did you expect them to be slobs?

how to deal with plagiarists:  Hang on a minute while I cut and paste this article.

“anarchist” “bi-sexual” “tattooed” “pierced”:  Geez. The Democratic convention is over.

southerners use Hellman’s:  And a damn sight too much of it, if you ask McGehee.

list spam words viagra sex huge young hot women how to write message rules in outlook express 6:  You can block any or all of those words, but then you have to deal with, um, creative misspellings like V14GR4.

what turns fifty this year:  More alleged 43-year-olds than you think.

hen house construction:  Wait for the Fox News documentary.

thermo focker:  We had one of those in the hen house. Cost $300 to replace.

is it okay to vanish over venetian plaster?  Do you think you’ll leave a shadow or something?

girl accidentally becomes a invisible girl:  Was Venetian plaster involved?

is it illegal to drive from oklahoma to texas to buy budwieser beer and bring it back:  Oh, come on. It’s Bud, fercrissake. Plead insanity and get it over with.

dustbury i.q.:  Somewhere in triple digits. I think. (This was requested by a coworker who probably had no idea that I read the logs. Until now, anyway.)


  1. McGehee »

    1 September 2008 · 9:52 am

    The joke goes that, in the South gravy is a beverage. Not so — it’s mayonnaise.

  2. Charles Pergiel »

    2 September 2008 · 9:52 pm

    I command you to cut it out or face the Wrath of the oogly-boogly character that I was running into all over the place a couple of months ago. And stop picking on Budweiser. I like Budweiser.

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