People who need peepholes

When you hear “Knock, knock,” the standard American peephole is not so good for identifying “Who’s there?”

Here’s a possible upgrade:

Want to find out who’s knocking at your door, ward off burglars, or capture evidence against anti-social behaviour, problem neighbours or nuisance callers? Increase your door security and feel safe in your own home with the Digital Door Viewer.

This ingenious gadget is essentially a door camcorder made up of the camcorder/motion sensor and a colour LCD display that fits over your current peep hole and automatically records every visitor who triggers the motion sensor. See who’s at the door before you answer and playback recordings with sound of previous visitors on the high resolution 1.5 inch screen without them knowing — this is your first line of defence against unwanted visitors and can help bring confidence to anxious or frightened residents.

An on-screen grid of video clips allows you to find the recording you want fast, while straightforward navigation keys allow you to quickly scroll through older recordings according to their time and date. The patented mounting system is quick and easy to install and the internal memory is expandable up to 4GB with an SD card, providing 11 hours of recording.

There’s just one downside:

The Digital Door Viewer does not work well in very low light conditions, nor will it operate through storm, screen or glass door.

Well, damn.

(Via Unplggd. Pat, I’d like to buy a vowel.)


  1. McGehee »

    29 July 2008 · 7:28 pm

    The Digital Door Viewer does not work well in very low light conditions

    I’d rig it up in tandem with a 100,000 candlepower floodlight hooked up to the same motion sensor. Where to mount the floodlight would depend on one’s degree of anti-sociallyness.

    Mine would go right on the front door, at statistically average eye level. People I like would be advised to call from the far end of the front walk.

  2. Jeff »

    30 July 2008 · 10:31 pm

    While not an all-in-one solution, I’ve used these cameras for many home security systems with video surveillance, including my show homes.

    Full color in pitch black darkness, all-weather, tamper-proof dome casing, and very affordable among this type of product. You can wire to a TV fairly easily for live monitoring, or there are many good security DVRs you can use.

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