Now this is timing

Former Oklahoma State guard JamesOn Curry was waived by the NBA’s Chicago Bulls on Thursday. (The sad story starts here; Curry pleaded guilty, drew a one-game suspension from the NBA, presumably to take place at the beginning of the season, and now he’s been released.)

This is well before the season starts and the rosters are set, so why now? Apparently it meshed with Curry’s specific two-year contract with the Bulls, which guarantees $100,000 of his $711,000 salary if he’s waived no later than the 31st of July, exactly when they turned him loose. Had they waited another day they’d have had to pay him $250k, and had he made it through Halloween he’d get paid in full.

Meanwhile, life on waivers isn’t all that much fun, I suspect. During the waiver period (seven days now, 48 hours when it happens between mid-August and the end of the regular season), another team may claim Curry and take over the rest of his contract; once he’s cleared waivers, another team may sign him to a new contract, though it would likely be for the same $711,000, that being the standard minimum for a player with one year experience.

The Bulls presumably won’t miss him: he spent most of last year in the D-League, and while they called him up once, he never made it off the bench. Will another team (say, the Oklahoma City Pseudonyms) pick him up? Doubtful, but you never know.

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