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Had this sort of story come from anywhere else on the globe, it would have made News of the Weird at best. We are not, however, so fortunate:

Hamas has resumed its policy of shaving the mustaches of rival Fatah members to humiliate them as a form of punishment, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Reports of such punishments surfaced in January, though Hamas denied it had resorted to close shaves in its struggle to assert dominance over Palestinian politics.

Fatah officials renewed their allegations Wednesday, according to the Jerusalem Post, which said Hamas, in turn, claimed followers’ beards had been sabotaged by Fatah officials.

You know what happens next: the dreaded Escalation. Snoopy the Goon sees what’s coming. (Think of it as the equivalent of a thousand belligerent bees.)

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  1. SnoopyTheGoon »

    4 August 2008 · 6:16 am

    Thanks for the link and have a good week there.

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