All the shrinks are out of town

I took my vacation in June this year, instead of the usual July. I am insufficiently qualified, however, to go in August:

In August, tree-shaded neighborhoods and private membership pools all over snoburbia empty out as the entire snoburbs goes on vacation.

In snoburbia, you must choose your vacations carefully. Any beach anywhere is okay, especially if you own a beach house. If you don’t own a beach house, you must go to Cape Cod or environs, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont. Or California wine country, Italy or maybe the Caribbean. If you stick around here you are not interesting.

I’ll admit to “not interesting,” but just once, I’d like to hear about someone who lives year-round in the Hamptons and vacations in, say, Bismarck, North Dakota.

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  1. Tat »

    4 August 2008 · 8:40 am

    I think I can supply you with closest approximation: my friend’s brother is a part-time manager in the residential suites/hotel at Montauk, Long Island (a bit further East from the Hamptons, but still The Place To Be for a certain crowd). He is also an artist, a painter. He works year-round, and every 3-4 months takes time off, away from the sea and the beach. Don’t know where exactly, though…I think last time he booked a room in the city, on 42nd street…

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