Bob to get sibling

It wasn’t all that long ago that Chisholm Trail Broadcasting moved Enid’s KNID-FM, 96.9, into the Oklahoma City metro, and after various shufflings and a programming deal with Citadel, the station was named Bob. The KNID call was moved to another Chisholm Trail station, licensed to Alva, on 99.7.

And now the second version of KNID is being moved into the Oklahoma City metro: CTB has a construction permit to relocate to Mustang (!) with somewhat reduced power (39 kW instead of 100). Suggestions for name, imaging, and format are welcomed — by me, anyway.

Meanwhile, I will continue to snicker at this exhibit provided to the FCC by the owner which asserts that after all, this is a Mustang station, not another OKC outlet, and Mustang deserves a radio station of its own because, among other reasons, “Mustang has its own zip code and phone book” and “Mustang is a separate and distinct advertising market from Oklahoma City.”

Fearless prediction: When Bobette, or Jeannine, or Bubba, or whatever goes on the air, you will hear Mustang mentioned exactly once an hour: at the mandatory station ID. Period.

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  1. Scooby214 »

    5 August 2008 · 10:01 pm

    I’ve been watching this one develop for a while, and I’m not expecting anything much from the move-in. It would be nice if it could have a unique format, like smooth jazz or 50s-60s oldies, but it appears that they are moving the station in order to make money.

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