Getting all the exaggerations right

Who knew? They’re erecting a statue of G. K. Chesterton in Ponchatoula, Louisiana:

Dr. [Bob] Benson told the [Ponchatoula] Times he asked sculptor David Wanner of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to create a Chesterton that will look “as if he fell asleep on the train, which he often did, and just got off in Ponchatoula.”

Benson, it seems, is a major Chesterton enthusiast, and is naming his downtown entertainment district for him: the statue, seven feet tall — Chesterton himself was six-four — will stand at the entrance.

There’s no indication so far whether any Thursday specials will be offered at the establishments therein.

(Via Craig Burrell’s All Manner of Thing.)

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  1. Rene's Apple »

    7 August 2008 · 8:35 pm

    Next vacation, I’m headed to Ponchatoula, Louisiana

    Perhaps a 5’2″ statue of the diminutive Father Brown can be placed nearby.

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