No Thunder for you

If you don’t already have your season tickets (don’t look at me that way), you may be out of luck:

“Select-a-seat” started Monday at the Ford Center. When the day ended there were only 7,000 season tickets left after 6,300 were sold on Monday. If you have a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday select-a-seat appointment forget it. You’ll probably get an 8-game mini-package but all other season tickets will be gone. In fact, many people with Wednesday appointments might be left out in the cold.

Team officials won’t say how many “full” season tickets they could sell, but it appears 20,000-plus would be a safe bet. And that’s probably conservative. The Thunder will sell around 13,000 season tickets in less than three days before the team caps season ticket sales. That doesn’t include 2,500-plus season tickets for corporate sponsors. If the team didn’t hold back 4,000 tickets for group sales, individual games or mini packages you can rest assured those would be gone by the weekend.

So that’s 15,500 seats accounted for each and every game. If absolutely no one else ever showed up at game time — well, eight NBA teams failed to draw a 15,500 average last season, including the New Orleans Hornets, who drew 18,000 or so during their two-year displacement to the not-yet-Thunderdome.

The number to shoot for, I think, is 18,882, which is what the Los Angeles Lakers pulled in last year. It would likely be good for a top-ten finish, attendance-wise, and it would make people wonder what a team that didn’t lose 50 games in a season might draw.

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