Accord in the sky

I have always had a high regard for Honda’s cars. Despite this, I’ve never owned one, and have gotten very little seat time in any of them; it’s simply that their priorities and mine have never precisely meshed at the point of purchase. (I was considering a used Acura TL during this year’s whirlwind auto-shopping extravaganza, which ended with the acquisition of a not-too-dissimilar Infiniti.)

Back in July, Honda announced that they would be selling aircraft, and on the 17th of this month they started taking orders for the HondaJet, for delivery in three or four years. Autoblog reports they’ve already sold 100:

“We are extremely pleased with the early customer response to HondaJet. In addition to the strong demand we have experienced from individuals, we are negotiating with a number of fleet customers as well,” said Michimasa Fujino, president & CEO of Honda Aircraft Co., Inc. “Due to this overwhelming response, we are now considering an increase in our production plan to meet the needs of our customers.”

The HondaJet will be built in the US, at a location to be determined; Honda Aircraft is based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Some of the features:

The HondaJet uses a bunch of revolutionary new technologies, including the over-the-wing engine mount (OTWEM) configuration that allows increased room in the cabin and cargo hold, while reducing aerodynamic drag increasing performance and fuel efficiency. HondaJet should be good for a cruising speed of 420 knots with a range of up to 1180 nautical miles, all while returning 30-35 percent better fuel economy versus other jets of comparable performance.

The HondaJet sells for $3.65 million; originally, they’d planned to build 70 a year.


  1. John Salmon »

    22 October 2006 · 4:22 pm

    The new HondaJet has twelve cup holders and Pirelli tires. No turn sigals, though.

  2. John Salmon »

    22 October 2006 · 4:23 pm

    no signals, either…

  3. CGHill »

    22 October 2006 · 4:29 pm

    There are times I think half the cars in this town don’t have turn signals, and most of the rest don’t have a switch to turn them off.

  4. John Salmon »

    22 October 2006 · 4:41 pm

    Same here in NC with the turn signals. I can’t figure out why people won’t use them…then again I can’t figure out people down here at all anyway. Why people here think their music, and their barbecue, is better than elsewhere is an endless mystery.

    And then they look at me like I’m some transplanted northerner who not only hates them, but (this is the gravest of all offenses) HATES NASCAR.

    Okay, CGH-THAT explains it! NASCAR drivers never use turn signals while making those incessant left turns, so the average Joe thinks he needn’t, either.

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