Stuff received (first of a series)

In these last days before the election, I’m going to list all the political mailings and such that come to my door. (Phone polling and politicking will be mentioned only if they leave a message on my machine; I refuse to answer the phone for the next week.)

Today’s batch:

  • Cliff Branan sent out two copies (clean up your mailing list, guys) of an imitation four-page newspaper called “Conservative Capitol Report”, including a spiel about education, a list of donors, a letter from Mrs Branan, and a collection of quotes.
  • Leonard Sullivan’s flyer today contains the interesting claim: “The only qualified person in the race!” Sullivan also takes a shot at the two County Commissioners who voted to disband the Budget Board back in 2005, one of whom is now out of office.
  • The reclusive “Citizens Against Corruption” have a new anti-Trebor Worthen flyer, claiming he’s declared “War on the Middle Class” and citing his votes on five bills. The most interesting might be HB 3040, which, say the Citizens, “protect[s] organizations that physically or sexually abuse children with developmental disabilities.” More precisely, it would bar punitive damages in suits against 501(c)(3) organizations that work with such children. I interpret this as another shot across the trial lawyers’ bow.

I figure there’s a lot more yet to come, so watch this space in the evenings.

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  1. Marcus Hayes »

    31 October 2006 · 9:41 am

    I love the blog!!

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