I missed the game

Then again, I had a good excuse: dinner date. We hit the Elephant Bar east of Penn Square. No political implications, and the food was pretty decent: I had the misoyaki pork loin, she had something called the Shrimp Adventure Platter. I never thought of shrimp having adventures, but maybe that’s just me.

Meanwhile, the Hornets began the regular season with a W: 91-87 over the Celtics in Boston, and from a cursory look at the box score, I have to assume that it wasn’t pretty. Still, it’s a win, and I’ll take it.


  1. Winston »

    2 November 2006 · 6:05 am

    Must have been an exciting and rewarding date for you to miss the season opener… I weaken with shock…

  2. CGHill »

    2 November 2006 · 6:57 am

    Priorities, man, priorities.

  3. Aero »

    2 November 2006 · 7:21 pm

    The shrimp was great. The company was better. Enjoyed it!

  4. John Salmon »

    2 November 2006 · 11:27 pm

    Those NBA boxscores are starting to look like baseball boxscores, with all the stats.

    I wonder how my Sixers are gonna do this year? I understand Billy Cunninghma and Wali Jones are ready for big seasons.

  5. CGHill »

    3 November 2006 · 8:02 am

    Well, they won their opener, which means the worst they can do is 1-81.

    Unless the Nets really mess up, which seems unlikely, I suspect the Sixers have a lock on second place in the Atlantic. They’ll have to do better than last year’s 38-44, though, to get into the playoffs. (Same with the Hornets, who were also 38-44 last year.)

  6. Mister Snitch! »

    5 November 2006 · 10:15 pm

    So far we know about the food and the missed game. Nothing about the date, what she was wearing, the conversation, what happened after, chances for another.

    We don’t even know for sure it was a female.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  7. CGHill »

    6 November 2006 · 7:12 am

    (1) Dressy-jean casual, but just barely.

    (2) Everything under the sun. Notable subtopics: relatively-unknown bits of local history; why we’re temperamentally unsuited to big houses in the ‘burbs.

    (3) To Surlywood to continue said convo. The lending of a book was the centerpiece thereof.

    (4) Fairly likely, though our schedules don’t interact especially well.

    And had I gone out with a guy-type person, the pronouns would have been adjusted accordingly.

  8. CGHill »

    6 November 2006 · 7:14 am

    Oh, and the Bees are now 3-0.

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