It’s a Butte

There’s just no way I can pass up linking to a piece which includes “How to Meet Naked Montanans” in its title.

Especially, you know, since otherwise normal people are trying to persuade me that Montana sucks.

(Inspired, if that’s the word, by this Fark thread.)


  1. david »

    2 November 2006 · 7:16 pm

    Who are you calling “otherwise normal?”

  2. John Salmon »

    2 November 2006 · 11:25 pm

    I’ve never met anyone who’s been to Montana. I wonder what it’s like? Evidently, at times, Montanans (sic) remove their clothing.

  3. McGehee »

    3 November 2006 · 6:54 am

    Pssst, John! My mother was <whisper> born </whisper> in Montana!

  4. CGHill »

    3 November 2006 · 7:57 am

    I spent three days in Montana during World Tour ’04. Didn’t see anybody in birthday suits. Still, when you’ve got this much space and this small a population, you could probably spend days, even weeks with your clothes off and no one would ever notice.

    In the summer, anyway. By the time November rolls around — but never mind, that’s too horrid a vision to contemplate.

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