Resisting boilerplate

Susan B., this past Sunday:

This evening, somebody (calling himself “Enlightenment”, natch) posted a long screed in the comments to the previous post that hit on every single 9/11 “truther” talking point imaginable. It was in one long chunk of text, rather than being split up into paragraphs, which just added to the craziness.

Let me reiterate…. this crap is not allowed on my blog. The main reason is it’s disrespectful of everyone who died in the 9/11 attacks and their families. The other reason is that it’s stupid, ridiculous nonsense. Anyone who posts this crap in my comments will be banned and will have their comment removed.

The individual in question arrived here today with the same screed. I read it over, was planning to approve it, then remembered where I heard the name.

I read it again. It’s medium-grade moonbattery, but that’s not quite enough, in my view, to warrant junking the comment. I’ve approved worse. (I daresay I’ve written worse.)

Then I pulled a phrase out of the middle of it and sent it to Google, and discovered at least four places where the entire screed has already been enshrined, indicating that it’s hardly needed here; it’s a traveling text dump, nothing more.

So I’ve decided on this incredibly sub-Solomonic compromise: I won’t post it here, but I’ll put up a link to a place where it’s already up, and you can read it for yourself if you so desire.


  1. Susan B. »

    2 November 2006 · 7:27 pm

    I figured that person probably has hit other blogs. I see another commenter on the blog you linked gave him the same advice I did: use paragraphs!

  2. rita »

    3 November 2006 · 10:04 am

    Prolly the same person who hit my place. I not only didn’t approve the comment, I deleted it from my database. A complete & total waste of bits & bytes that’s making the rounds.

    Yes, his comment was CENSORED into oblivion. As I used to tell my kids, you mistakenly assume my house is a democracy when in fact it is an occasionally benevolent dictatorship.

  3. Sean Gleeson »

    6 November 2006 · 7:53 pm

    He just tried it at my blog tonight. I deleted it, and did not supply a link to an alternate mirror site.

  4. CGHill »

    6 November 2006 · 8:08 pm

    Well, at least he’s consistent. (Then again, so are cockroaches.)

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