Off Point

Former Sinclair Broadcast Group vice-president Mark Hyman, who has been delivering daily commentaries on Sinclair stations’ news broadcasts, is giving up his slot at the end of the month, saying that he’s “exhausted” and wants “to focus more on family activities.”

Hyman’s “The Point” was a regular feature of Sinclair’s NewsCentral offerings, and was regularly applauded and/or excoriated for its distinct right-wing flavor. (Modest excoriation here.)

Sinclair CEO David Smith said that “The Point” has “invoked thoughtful discussions on many topics and across all demographics.”

My own take, from January 2004:

Hyman leans decidedly right, which doesn’t bother me; however, he has that patented Fox News snarkier-than-thou smirk, which does. (Note to television executives: If you’re gonna rip off the Fox News Channel, rip off its most appealing feature: news babes in outfits that seem scantier than they really are.) I’m not sure how well this will play in markets less conservative than Oklahoma City, which is, well, almost all of them.

“The Point” airs locally on KOKH, a Fox affiliate.

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  1. Brad »

    6 November 2006 · 11:05 am

    Good riddance. His commentaries were a joke, as were his attempts at being factually accurate. KOKH can only get better with his absence.

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