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Blood Drip Cellphone Strap

This odd-looking contraption is nothing more than a strap for your cell phone or other electronic gizmo, made up to look like a blood drip, available in your blood type unless you have some wacky antigen that maybe five or six people on earth share. (My father, curiously, was one of these; my own blood, by comparison, is remarkably ordinary.)

Popgadget explains the appeal:

If you live in Japan, where some believe that your blood type is indicative of your personality, this cell phone strap can signal a subtle hint regarding your character to someone you’re trying to impress.

I’m guessing “morbid sense of humor.”

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  1. fillyjonk »

    1 October 2008 · 7:27 am

    At first I thought this was another bizarre object, that I spotted at the Walgreen’s yesterday…”Candy blood” in what looked much like a blood-donor bag. I like candy as much as the next girl but I do not think I would like that (It looked rather like very thick cherry-flavored cough syrup).

    My understanding is that in Japan, the blood type of a person tells you something about their personality….I’d have to look up just WHAT…

    For example (According to wikipedia’s article, which we all know could be wrong), someone like me, a Type A, is at “best” earnest, creative, and sensible and at “worst” fastidious and overearnest. (I might be more prone to believe the blood-type woo for type A if they had “people pleaser” or “hyper self-critical” as one of the bad traits. And if, you know, blood type was more than just an immune system chemical).

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