Suckage anticipated

The Basketball Team Formerly Known As The Supersonics was not the worst team in the NBA last year; that was the Miami Heat, a hapless 15-67. Not that the Sonics, 20-62, had all that much hap to spare.

After ESPN picked the revised-and-edited Oklahoma City Thunder for dead last in the league, the sports staff of the Oklahoman put together their own predictions, which were scarcely less dire: 24th or 25th is about as high as they’d dare go.

The NBA, however, eschewed pundits altogether, and enlisted EA Games to play out the entire season on NBA Live 09. The result: the Thunder finish dead last in the league at 23-59, coincidentally the same record predicted by the ESPN guys. Then again, EA’s sim also thinks Miami can win 55 games (!) and the Eastern Conference (!!) this year, so I’m taking it no more seriously than I have to.

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