The story hangs by a thread

I’ve never seen anything quite like this. Lou Trigg’s the invisible woman — and how she got there is a four-minute animated film, but the individual pictures making up the animation aren’t drawn or sculpted or rendered by computers or anything like that.

They’re stitched.

The artist explains:

I have only fairly recently discovered my love of the sewing machine and in particular, using it for freehand machine embroidery and I love it. It’s a medium that works for me; it doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ (I can’t do perfect!) and it isn’t meant to be perfect — but I love the idea of the thread seemingly having a life of its own. I purposely leave threads hanging loose which tend to give the stitchures more of a tactile sense of emotion.

“Stitchures.” I like that.

The images are also available in bound-book form.

(Via Million Little Stitches.)

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