Strange search-engine queries (140)

Time for another harrowing plunge into the very center of Site Meter, where they tell stories of those who sought the unusual, the unspeakable, the unprintable. (Not, however, the unbloggable.)

use mentality in a sentence:  And blow my chance at a political-campaign job? Not on your life.

spigot potrzebie:  Call Fonebone Plumbers (SQUORK! FWEEK!) and have that looked at, pronto.

“socks with stilettos:”  Do not taunt the Fashion Police.

“oil change” nude:  The very first step — “let engine warm up” — should tell you that this is a Bad Idea.

darth vader george steinbrenner:  “Hank, I am your father.”

demotivational beer:  For example, O’Doul’s or Sharp’s.

scum licking pond dirt chewing invective:  For example, FreeRepublic or Democratic Underground.

loafers are the dorkiest shoe ever invented:  As a dork, I like to loaf. Sue me.

panhandling lexus needs tune up:  Oh, yes, I’ll certainly hand over a dollar for that.

Seagate 750GV Freeagent External Hard Disk + does it have a power chord:  It plays I-V-I’ right before it dies.

nude motorist exhibitionist:  Maybe. See what happens after he gets out of the car and you’ll know for sure.

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