Are you still registered?

I got this from one of the progressive mailing lists (yes, I’m on a couple of them), and thought it was worth mentioning:

Check your voter registration. For months, we have been recommending that everyone check to make sure they are registered to vote. It has recently come to light that 19 states are not following federal law; they are purging voters close to the election.

As I understand things, “close to the election” means within 90 days. I hadn’t heard that Oklahoma was running a purge around now — they might be swapping lists with other states to clean up the database, maybe, and according to Michael Clingman at the State Election Board, they purge in off-years — but it’s still not a bad idea to check your registration, just in case, simply because every system has bugs, flaws and holes.

Also in the mailing comes the suggestion that you avoid straight-party voting, as follows:

Problems abound with straight-party voting — on electronic voting machines and on paper ballots. We highly recommend that, if you want to vote for the same party across all races, vote for each individual person separately, and don’t mark any “straight-party” choice at all.

An example may be seen here. Under the circumstances, I have to agree: mark each race separately.

Voter registration in Oklahoma closes Friday, the 10th of October.

(Thanks to Rena.)

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  1. McGehee »

    7 October 2008 · 8:34 am

    If I’ve ever had the option of putting down a “straight-party” vote it was almost certainly in an election where I didn’t care to do so. The option isn’t available in Georgia, and wasn’t (that I ever recall) in California.

    In the only other state where I’ve ever voted, Alaska, I also don’t recall a straight-party option — and given the huge majority of Alaska voters who don’t declare a party affiliation, that should be no surprise — but even if there were, I sometimes wanted to vote for the candidate of that evil, radical, secessionist Alaskan Independence Party.

    (I actually have seen a blog comment to the effect that Todd Palin, by virtue of having registered AIP, is a terrorist. Which would lead me into hundreds more examples of PDS. Don’t get me started.)

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