Sustenance of a sort

This is called Purina Gamer Chow Gamer Grub, and it’s pitched at people too busy at their screens to take time out for actual meals or even Hot Pockets.

Belhoste, however, sees another market:

I think I figured it out — people who don’t have any clean dishes left in the house. These would be the perfect choice for a meal when every single dish that I own is in the dishwasher and I am completely out of liquid dish soap so washing a dish or two by hand would also be completely out of the question. That has to be it — that has to be the niche that this product is catering to.

It is of course possible for both these sectors of the population to overlap.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    7 October 2008 · 9:36 am

    It’s the sedentary-person’s version of the “goo” that my brother uses during long bicycle rallies.

    And it looks about as appealing. (I’ve tasted the “goo” and came to conclude I’m glad I’m not a rabid cyclist like my brother).

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