Enough straps to gnaw through

I yield to no one in my fondness for strappy sandals, as I may have mentioned before, but this is ridiculous:

Nocciola by Salvatore Ferragamo

This is “Nocciola,” from the Salvatore Ferragamo fall collection. Says Shoewawa:

I haven’t bothered counting the number of straps on them, but let’s just say there’s a whole lot of them. They sit atop a sculpted, lucite platform, which will help make you look like your heel is balancing on nothing at all, and I think they’re definitely what you could call “statement shoes” don’t you? Would you wear them? Well, they’re interesting to look at, but I don’t like them nearly enough to want to pay $995 for them, but if you do, you can find them at Neiman Marcus.

Seventeen, not counting the one with the buckle on it, or the ones that make up the slingback.

In fairness to the family Ferragamo, Obsessed With Shoes actually likes this wedge, though there’s the question of whether it should have been in the Fall Collection in the first place, it being so springy and/or summery and all.

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