Circumstantial pomp

Pompous by Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana calls this one “Pompous,” and I’m not sure why: “Exude major confidence,” says the blurb, but major confidence generally doesn’t translate into pomposity, unless you get careless and let it. This is a shade called “Steele”; there are also black/grey and black/”bordo” variations. There’s elastic to hold it in place, four inches to add to your height, and as will no doubt be pointed out to me, yet another peep-toe.

Come to think of it, Shoewawa has an idea about that name:

Carlos Santana has called these shoes “Pompous”. Given their similarity to those Versace t-bars I’ve lusted over all year, I suspect Donatella Versace may be able to come up with some other words to describe them, but of course, that’s neither here nor there…

And Carlos is charging about one-eighth as much as Versace: you can get “Pompous” for a mere $79. There’s some major confidence right there.


  1. Fetiche Nouvelle »

    28 October 2008 · 2:58 pm

    Hmmm…No, they look cheesy to me. The Versace originals are nicer. I suppose that for $660, they’d better be!

  2. CGHill »

    28 October 2008 · 8:07 pm

    The faux grain is a bit much, I suppose, but I like the shape.

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