Expect a flood of pollwatcher applications

“We’re naked, and we vote,” or something like that:

People at the upscale, clothing-optional Caliente Resorts off U.S. 41 want to establish the first clothing-optional polling place in the country.

Although there’s no concrete data on how many nudists live in the area, state Sen. Victor Crist, R-Tampa, has estimated that Pasco County [FL] has 12,000 “nude votes.”

The resort wants to make it easier for Caliente residents and members of the surrounding nudist community to vote, said Caliente spokeswoman Angye Fox.

I wonder if they’d be asked to present some form of ID.

Anyway, it’s not happening any time soon:

Resort officials have floated the idea of a clothing-optional polling place by Brian Corley, Pasco County’s supervisor of elections. But Corley said he isn’t willing to “even consider” opening additional sites until after the 2010 redistricting.

Which makes sense to me: if you’re going to have to redraw the lines anyway, that’s the time to make any additions. In the meantime, I’m fairly sure it won’t hurt them to get dressed for a couple of hours on Tuesday.

(Via Diary of a Nudist.)

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