Strange search-engine queries (144)

One hundred forty-four, you may remember from grade school, is a gross. Sometimes the search requests that land here are (somewhat) gross. We report, you deride.

honey server, which is better wide or narrow grooves:  Narrow grooves tend to increase speed of flow, sugar user.

how to curb anger in pre-teen with mild asperger’s:  When we were pre-teens, our anger was curbed by a trip to our rooms with no dinner.

ron stoppable aspergers:  Send him to his room and tell him Kim’s not speaking to him.

“how to be dumped”:  Lately, it seems, all you have to do is wait a while.

“how many of you are in the quartet”:  We try to keep it under five.

naked women in Tyronza Arkansas:  Well, that’s one way to get you to slow down.

Candy has been essentially unchanged since its production in 1912:  Which is a good thing if you plan to establish an economy using Necco wafers as currency.

yummium:  Secret ingredient in Necco wafers.

can i be compensated by tim hortons for damaging my vehicle their drive in is too narrow:  Next time don’t do donuts in the parking lot.

subjectivity of grading english:  Sometimes it is, sometimes it ain’t.

crunchy or smooth boxers or breifs:  I’ve worn boxers, and I’ve worn briefs, and I don’t like either of them crunchy.

are pixy stix suitable for vegetarians:  I suppose you’d have to know where the glucose came from.

“i can has wife?”  yu cn get lotz of cheezburgerz an toyz from yur muder an fader but if yu meetz a nise lady kitteh who is lieking yu too and is agreeing to b yur wief den yu no she comz from Ceiling Cat. (Proverbs 19:14, Lolcat Bible.)

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