The right to bare everything

In Denmark, apparently there’s a legal right to skinny-dip:

Bathing on Danish beaches, with or without clothes, is a legal right, according to the Eastern High Court, which has confirmed a decision by the lower courts in a case regarding naked bathing.

The decision means that a couple from Skodsborg just north of Copenhagen, cannot put up a ‘Nudism forbidden’ sign on a beach in front of their sitting room window.

The couple say that they are bothered by naked bathers, who they claim engage in sexual activities on the beach. But the local court in Lyngby decided on June 13 this year that naked bathing, which has been allowed in Denmark for the past 32 years, is still allowed. The High Court upheld the verdict of the lower court and ordered the couple to pay costs.

Presumably the “sexual activities,” whatever they may be, are not included in the legal definition of bathing.

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