Where it all goes

What with Chad the Elder going into great detail about his 16-percent-plus bump in property taxes this year, I figured I’d work up a breakdown of where my property taxes (which have increased 1.48 percent) are going, as per the official rate scale:

  • City of Oklahoma City: $125.46
  • Oklahoma City Public Schools: $439.83
  • Metro Tech Center: $129.49
  • Oklahoma County general: $94.29
  • Countywide school levy: $34.70
  • County Health Department: $21.71
  • Metropolitan Library System: $43.58
  • Total: $889.06

If it sounds like the city isn’t getting a whole lot out of this, well, this isn’t their major source of funding: revenue from property tax is used strictly for debt service. The city figures to spend $62.7 million to retire bonds this year, out of a budget of $787.5 million. (By law, they can’t run a deficit. For reference, city population was estimated at 547,274 by the Census Bureau last year.)

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