Let there be crap (3)

For my third Woot Bag O’Crap, this is the take (prices where not known set to arbitrary $5):

1 Lowepro Ridge 10 Digital Camera Bag [$10.00]
4 iGo Universal Auto Power Adapter (not including tips) [$119.96]
1 Wristlinx X33X1F 2-Way Radio Wrist Watch (set of two) [$44.95]
1 Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum Porcelain Hinged Box [$9.99]
1 OEM Dell (by ATI) TV PCI card with DVI and S-Video Output (used, does not include VGA) [$5.00]
1 Mystery auto power cord with 5-female connector [$5.00]
1 Kodak Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery KLIC-7003 [$29.95]

Total $224.85

(Previous crap here and here. More crap revelations at BagsOfCrap.com.)


  1. Don Mecoy »

    3 December 2008 · 3:36 pm

    I’ve done a fair bit of lurking at woot but only once had a chance at a bandolier of carrots (but failed to get the order placed in time). Is it just a matter of checking each and every night at precisely midnight?

  2. CGHill »

    3 December 2008 · 4:02 pm

    Midnight wouldn’t have helped you with the most recent spate of Brylcreem Operant Conditioning; it came up just after 4 pm on the 20th of November. As a general rule, with the exception of (occasionally) Christmas Day, the crap shows up at some random time during the more-or-less-monthly Woot-Off, and sells out (typical quantity is 4500) in a minute and a half or so. (You’ll notice I’ve only scored three Buckets Of Chicken in two years on the Wootisserie.)

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