Im in ur histry anticipatin ur lolz

So far, this seems to be the oldest lolcat in existence:

This captioned cat picture postcard was found by Tracy Angulo in a Seattle antique store. Tracy tells us that the photograph is from 1905, which would make this officially the oldest cat picture with a caption, AKA lolcat, that we’ve seen.

The differences are clear. Proper grammar and a more formal tone was in vogue back then. But the similarities to modern-day kitten struggles and lolcats are amazing. ALL CAPS is still cool, but most importantly, she also no can has cheezburger. More than a hundred years later, all that’s changed is the spelling.

Win was epic in those days.


  1. fillyjonk »

    3 December 2008 · 4:39 pm

    Had cheezburgers been invented yet in 1905?

    When I was a kid, I had a whole book like that – it was a reproduction of some old one. I loved it until some know-it-all claimed that the photos were done using stuffed taxidermied kittens. Then I had a Sad and had to put the book away.

    The kitten in this photo looks live though. Or at least was at the time the photo was taken 103 years ago.

  2. CGHill »

    3 December 2008 · 5:21 pm

    Wikipedia says 1924 or thereabouts, by which time we’d already had burgers without cheez for at least a quarter of a century.

  3. Jennifer »

    4 December 2008 · 8:17 pm

    Oh my lord.

    Seeing this made my evening. In fact, at this very moment, I am happier than I’ve been all day. :-)

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    6 December 2008 · 1:51 am

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