More effective than Hinder

Need to disperse a crowd? Give ’em a dose of this:

The original Mosquito device, launched in 2005, disperses young people by emitting an irritating high-pitched pulse which, at 17 kilohertz, most people aged under 20 can hear but almost nobody over 30 can. Around 9000 of them have been sold around the world by Welsh firm Compound Security Systems as shopkeepers and local authorities seek to ward off loitering youths.

But following demand for a device that would get rid of all undesirables regardless of age, the new Mark 4 version can operate at a lower eight kilohertz frequency that adults can hear too, annoying everyone within earshot.

Although the secret is not in the frequency, says Compound commercial director Simon Morris:

“It’s the type of sound, the tone and how it’s pulsed. Because it’s not a constant tone, your brain can’t ignore it.”

And the downturn in the world economy may actually be a boon to the manufacturer:

“The credit crunch, I think, will be good for us in the long run because the less money people have, the more likely they are to start going out and causing trouble. Usually when the economy turns down, the security industry picks up.”

The Mosquito Mark 4 sells for £495 (about $740 US).

(Via JammieWearingFool.)

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