Get these Bratz outta here

At least some of MGA Entertainment’s Bratz dolls have been found to infringe Mattel copyrights:

U.S. District Judge Stephen Larson in Riverside, California, yesterday granted Mattel’s request to stop MGA from making most of its multiethnic fashion dolls that have contributed to a drop in Barbie sales since being first sold in 2001. A jury earlier found that a Mattel designer came up with the Bratz name and characters and secretly took the idea to MGA.

“Mattel has established its exclusive rights to the Bratz drawings, and the court has found that hundreds of the MGA parties’ products, including all the currently available core female fashion dolls Mattel was able to locate in the marketplace, infringe those rights,” Larson said in his ruling.

Mattel did not get everything it wanted, however: damages awarded were $100 million, well short of the $2 billion sought, and some of the MGA dolls (mostly of the younger-sister variety) were ruled not to have infringed on Mattel’s intellectual property. Designer Carter Bryant and Mattel reached a settlement earlier this year.

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