A studio of sorts

What can you get for $400 a month rent in the City of New York? Someone’s bathroom, maybe:

I am a female in my mid 60’s and I am looking for a room mate. Times are tight and I need some extra money. I am willing to rent out my bathroom in my 1 bedroom east village home.

My bathroom is large. You can easily put a twin air mattress in there. I only ask that when I need to use the bathroom, you or your air mattress are not in it.

I do ask that when you are in the apartment, you confine yourself to the bathroom. I do not feel comfortable with a stranger walking around my living room. This might change as I get to know you better.

You may have guest over as long as they are confined to the bathroom as well. This might seem a bit odd but please remember the rent is $400 and the bathroom is large.

(Via U Street Girl.)


  1. Tatyana »

    10 December 2008 · 2:10 pm

    I think I told the story of the apartment advertized as 1bdr, for a rent price of mere $2100, in my Brooklyn neighborhood. When I saw it, the bedroom was nowhere to be seen. Where is it?-I asked. -Here, right here, in front of you. -But it’s the door to the closet! Oh no, it’s a bedroom. -But there is no window! -What do you need the sunlight in the bedroom for? You use it at night anyway, right? -But it’s just 6’x4′! -So, you’ll have access to it from one side only – is there a problem?

  2. fillyjonk »

    10 December 2008 · 3:01 pm

    Wow. Just another reason I’m glad I don’t live in the “big city.”

    I wonder if that person is going to get any takers. I think if my choice were “live in NYC by sleeping on an air mattress in a bathroom that I will have to vacate whenever the apartment owner wants it” or “move somewhere else,” I’d be consulting the out-of-town want ads.

  3. sya »

    10 December 2008 · 7:57 pm

    Hm. I have an entire apartment for less than that.

  4. zigzag »

    11 December 2008 · 12:12 am

    I paid close to that amount in 1982 in the South End, Boston, Appleton Street as I remember … and I was HAPPY to find accomodation close to my job. It was a storeroom, I was in with ladders and a cement-encrusted wheelbarrow. In D.C., when I arrived, I went on a rental “tour” and it was all properties “carved out” from under front porches. Horribly depressing, no ventilation, no headroom. People ARE living everywhere, bargains are few. For younger women, the owner may want to CUDDLE UP as part of the exchange — I was also in a Tel Aviv restaurant and heard an odd noise. I looked UP and there were lots of Arabs in the recessed ceiling area — (their on-site housing.) NEVER make assumptions, look and learn.

  5. EV Grieve »

    11 December 2008 · 9:42 am

    East Village bathroom for rent (presented without any potty humor)…

    From Craigslist (via dustbury.com)…

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