Among the mysteries of life

So the Knicks, fresh from beating the tar out of the Celtics, fall to the Thunder. What kind of world is this?

It’s not that the New Yorkers brought a knife to a gunfight, either: the Knickerbocker trey was deployed 34 times, with 11 successes, and Al Harrington, off the bench, contributed 21 points, mostly in the second half. But the Thunder had something going here, running to a 23-point lead in the third quarter, watching it shrink to a mere two, and then gutting it out the rest of the way to a 107-99 win.

New York shot a feeble 39.8 percent, but they put up so many shots that some of them had to fall, and indeed six Knicks landed in double figures. And OKC had the D: the Thunder blocked eight shots — Joe Smith got four of them before fouling out — and pulled off nine steals. Furthermore, the Thunder outrebounded the Knicks, 46-35, shot 52.7 percent, and apparently they’ve been working on moving the ball around: they recorded 23 assists, including nine from Russell Westbrook and six from Earl Watson.

Kevin Durant sat for a whole 2:21 tonight; he spent the rest of the time scoring 27 points and pulling down 12 boards. Jeff Green also banged down 27; Westbrook had 22. New guy Nenad “Krispy” Krstić, having just gotten his work visa, was on hand but did not play.

So two for four on the homestand. And I remember telling you this:

I suspect the Thunder will take out their frustrations on the Knicks.

Consider them taken. Now it’s off to Minnesota.

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  1. Flack »

    7 January 2009 · 9:51 am

    Man, we needed that win last night. For a while there it seemed like the Thunder was just going into games expecting to lose and managing to find a way to do so. Although we almost blew our lead last night (again), one good thing about the Knicks game was maybe word will get out that fouling the Thunder and sending players to the line isn’t such a good idea (up until the last week or so, it seemed to be a pretty valid technique). Maybe the Thunder can hang on to the momentum and take it to Minnesota with them.

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