Strange search-engine queries (44)

Now is the time on when we dance through the referrer logs and laugh at some of the sillier things found therein.

Gilligan kept screwing up those rescues:  Of course. Otherwise, the series would have ended in six episodes (a three-hour tour).

Muslim names suited for virgos:  Islam rejects astrology in general, a decree from the Prophet himself — who reportedly was born on 26 April 570, making him a Taurus.

popeye’s last name:  No one knows. Poopdeck Pappy said he couldn’t remember it. (Rumors that it might have been “Garden” have so far been unfounded.)

bikini search engine:  You might try Booble.

baristas nude:  I think they’re required to wear aprons.

i disagree with i think therefore i am:  How about “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together”?

what have I done wrong god:  If you have to ask, you probably already know.

is squid an aphrodisiac?  If it were, they’d charge a lot more for calamari.

how to accept a marriage proposal – not to appear overeager:  “Yes, I will” works pretty well.

What happens in men’s locker rooms:  Two words: “towel snapping.”

guacamole dip kraft firestone:  Yes, it does taste rather like a steel-belted radial.

Pros and cons of having a nuclear facility in palm springs:  Pro: cheap energy, limited greenhouse effect. Con: George Hamilton will drive by and wind up looking like Chris Rock.

does pepperoni contain maggots:  Not intentionally.

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  1. McGehee »

    4 December 2006 · 9:30 am

    If Mohammed was a Taurus, I’m glad I drive a Bronco instead.

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